The effects of cbd on anxiety on biggie the cat a residential study

An eight-week study was conducted to assess the impact of CBD oil on an aggressive cat towards the family dog, Fritz. The study aimed to determine whether CBD isolate, a THC-free CBD oil, could calm the cat and reduce its aggressive behavior towards Fritz. The study involved feeding the cat with about 16.6mg of CBD isolate every morning, mixed in with its dry cat food. The cat’s behavior was observed during the study period, and the results showed a significant reduction in anxiety and aggression towards the dog.

The cat in question, Lulu, was a formerly wild black cat that had been rescued after a winged predator had attacked and seriously injured it when it was a kitten. Lulu was initially afraid of the family dog, Fritz, a golden retriever, and shunned him whenever he was around. However, after three weeks of sheltering from two other cats and dogs living in the house, Lulu began to gradually come out of hiding and approach other animals.

For about three months, Lulu’s behavior seemed to improve, and all the animals seemed to get along well. However, suddenly, Lulu started exhibiting aggressive behavior towards Fritz, hissing, growling, and approaching the dog with front paws stretched out as if to attack. This aggressive behavior continued for about a month, resulting in scratches and injuries to the owners’ hands.

To address the aggressive behavior, the owners decided to try CBD oil to calm Lulu down. They used a THC-free CBD isolate from HANTIKA, which they added to Lulu’s dry cat food every morning. The owners observed that Lulu’s behavior improved significantly after about a week of regular CBD administration, and the attacks on Fritz stopped. Although the study was anecdotal, the owners continued to give Lulu CBD every morning and monitor her behavior. Scientific studies with a placebo group are needed to determine CBD dosage levels and measure cat behavior after consecutive dosing periods.


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